We are Project Pool

The UK Swimming Pool Specialists

We install luxury swimming pools in Cheshire and the surrounding counties. We innovate new technologies for the wet leisure industry that are unique to Project Pool and are only available to our clients. Autonomous plant maintenance systems, intuitive ‘learning’ chemical dosing systems, even self cleaning swimming pools are just a few areas that we excel in and want to share with you.

Our ethos is that “all swimming pools can be made better, more visually stunning and easier to use and maintain”. With that in mind we offer this unique approach to all our clients within their budget requirements. We develop much of the installation technology ourselves so that we can provide the most up to date and technically advanced swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms available today.

We also offer an in-house cleaning and maintenance service that is second to none. If you have a pool built by Project Pool or if you already have a swimming pool or hot tub then we can do the hard work for you.


of your swimming pool

Swimming Pools that Test and Dose Themselves

Project Pool approaches swimming pool maintenance innovatively. When you become a Project Pool client we install an autonomous, self analysing and dosing system that will continuously test your water and dose the required amount of chemicals. This guarantees that your swimming pool water will be perfect all of the time, not just once a week.

Swimming Pools that Clean Themselves

As with our self dosing systems, we have also adopted the same automated approach to the cleaning part of your maintenance package. We will provide you with a fully automatic, robotic cleaner that will keep your swimming pool spotless all of the time. Our robotic pool cleaners work 24 hrs a day so you can rest assured that when you pull back that cover, the pool will be pristine.

Whats more, all of this equipment wont cost you a penny! Your Service contract and monthly fee is equivalent to any standard maintenance cost. This is the best service for an economic and environmentally friendly way of keeping your swimming pool in tip top condition all season.

Get in touch today, with no obligation, so that we can help you to enjoy the benefits of an up to date, fully automated swimming pool.

Our Expertise

Project Pool…the acceleration of autonomous swimming pools

Project Pool combines a high level of expertise and standard of work with a friendly customer service that you can trust. The technology and design that we can incorporate in to your upcoming project is really exciting, so please contact us today and lets create something spectacular together!

  • Innovative and intuitive chemical monitoring and correction systems
  • Wireless control and monitoring from anywhere on earth
  • Turning your swimming pool in to one of the ‘internet of things’
  • Autonomous self cleaning swimming pools
  • The introduction of Active Oxygen and Ultrasonic sanitation.
  • No more chlorine…ever!