Project Pool undertakes swimming pool maintenance innovatively. Instead of adding solid chemicals once per service to keep your swimming pool water clean, we install an automated self-analysing and dosing system that continuously tests and doses the water with just the right amount of chemicals. This will keep your swimming pool crystal clear and bacteria free for 24 hours a day.

We have also adopted this automated approach to the cleaning part of your maintenance package. We will provide you with a fully automatic robotic cleaner that will keep your swimming pool spotless at all times. Our robotic pool cleaners work 24 hrs a day so you can rest assured that when you pull back that cover, the pool will be pristine.

Whats more, with a Project Pool Maintenance Contract all this equipment will not cost you a penny! We pride ourselves on providing the best service possible to meet the needs of our busy clients with the added bonus of being economical and environmentally friendly.

Please contact us today for a no obligation discussion and book your swimming pool for a maintenance upgrade package and enjoy all the benefits of an up to date, fully automated swimming pool.